Pulse Premier Academy Placements

3 years ago | John

It is no secret that Pulse Premier Football Academy prides itself on the exit routes the learners have when they complete their education and training.

Over the past three years Pulse have sent over 30 players to America on USA Scholarships and 12 players to New Zealand and Australia on playing and coaching placements. The record speaks for itself in that if you are young player or coach wanting a career in the game then these real opportunities can happen. The support, advice and guidance given to young people at Pulse Premier Football Academy shows how much they care and the relationships built between staff and learner are everlasting.

FootballOE has been working closely with Pulse to ensure these opportunities continue to be available for these players. You can find out more information on the Pulse Academies here. If your club is interested in taking on an academy player please get in touch with us.

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